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How to write your FIRST CV - For Egyptian Fresh Graduates

If it's time for you to shape your first #CV then congratulations!

You are one step ahead towards controlling your life and actually implement what you envisioned you would be as a #grownup

Let's get into it now!

At this point in your life there are two possible scenarios:

  1. You were focused on your degree with or without extracurricular activities

  2. You were having a job along to focusing on your degree.

& in both cases, let me assure you


so, give yourself a round of applause. You deserve it!

To begin:

you need to understand that recruiters/companies expect these traits from #Fresh_Graduates:

  • Accountability

  • Commitment

  • Willingness to learn without resistance

  • Someone who adds fresh blood to the existing team.

  • Along with the basic software and language knowledge (Microsoft office & English)

"These traits apply in general, this doesn't limit other requirements according to each specialization".

So, you need to think about what have you been doing during your years of studies

in terms of:

  • Studied subjects

  • Summer Training

  • Internships

  • Research on certain trendy topics (as assignments)

  • Group projects

  • Activities (sports, volunteering, etc.)

After you list them in a draft paper, you need to link what you have done with the traits listed on top.

And then you begin shaping your CV with the 2020 formula.

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