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How to write a CV that convinces employers at 2023 & Onwards "For Egyptians ONLY"

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

To begin, first, we need to understand 2 things:

1- What is the purpose/concept of the CV in itself?

2- How to reflect what you have in terms of skills in a written form.

Let's begin...

"The CV" in itself is an ancient agreed-on method within the market, present in the form of a document that allows recruiters and companies to search the qualities they look for, in order for their business to thrive and be more competitive.

Thus, a winning CV, is the one that has all the skills and achievements listed clearly.

To do so:

  • #1 knowing the accomplishments in the first place is a key to getting things started

  • #2 We need to use good English vocabulary that reflects our accomplishments by using verbs that suits your position whether fresh graduate or experienced

For example:

A Manager shouldn't be using the Verb "Managed" (X) in listing his accomplishments, because he already is a "manager", so managing is quite expected to see, instead use a verb that shows more power and control

Like: Steered, Championed, Controlled.etc

  • #3 Using numbers and figures is a game-changer in your CV

For example:

Don't say -->> Participated in many projects. (X)

Instead -->> Contributed in providing input for 4 "National Marketing projects" and after it's implementation, 95% of initial target settled was achieved for 2 projects.

(did you notice here: we specified the number and the type of the project and showed results as well)

  • #4 Don't let recruiters guess!!

  • #5 Put your main accomplishments at the first page of your CV

Be clear about what you are writing, simply because recruiters are extremely busy scanning thousands of CVs every week & they only dedicate an average of 10 seconds to decide whether to call you or not!

By doing these little things, the value of your CV shall augment noticeably!

So, Give it a try and tell me the feedback.

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