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The Prices below are for "Egyptians Only" 

If you're "Non-Egyptian" welcome we're happy to have you here.

Prices are shown within each "Service Tagline" or send us a WhatsApp message (number below) for the pricing scheme.

Our Services

  • Online Meetup [Zoom]

    A gentle sorting discussion! Price for non-Egyptians: 25 USD

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    1 hr

    750 Egyptian pounds
  • Online Meetup [Zoom]

    (2 sessions, better price) Valid for 3 Months from Purchase date. Pri...

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    2 hr

    1,200 Egyptian pounds
  • Online Meetup [Zoom]

    (Best Price) Valid for 3 Months from purchase date. Price for non-Egyp...

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    3 hr

    1,900 Egyptian pounds
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