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Your CV like it should be


Premium Personal Branding and Career Coaching Services For Egyptian Millennials.

  • Career planning 

  • CV | ResumeOnline Presence  optimization

  • Interviewing Coaching

  • One-to-one sessions

Applying to jobs but NO ONE is calling?

DO NOT be frustrated, We can help!

We confidently articulate your Skills to showcase your REAL Commercial Value to get you that interview you always wanted.



I'm Melody
(And YES. that's my real name)

A Career Coach | A Marketer and an unshakable optimist dedicated to Empowering Egyptian Millennials (including YOU!)

 to reach your most aspired professional vocation making your quality of life as good as you dream.

Our work & This website

Are Devoted to make your CV Writing and Job Search Journey Smooth & Successful

So Don't worry, we have your back!


Our Services

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Everything we offer, is designed to get you on the sucess track, to make you stand out from the competition.

So, that "YOU" get that interview for the job you always wanted ! 


CV Consultation


Personal Branding "Tools"


Career Planning


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If you are quite sure that your CV is at Good shape and you would like to have a professional opinion only, then this is a good Choice for you!

Designer Chairs
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If you don't know how to showcase your expertise to recruiters and hiring managers, 

Then, We recommend that you choose this!

We will make you stand-out from your competitors by optimizing all tools Egyptians need in 2019 in order to get the Job they wish.

Starting with your CV, going to your online presence (Linkedin & Wuzzuf accounts.Etc.) till how to talk at interviews.

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Don't know where to begin from, or you have been in the same field for years, looking for a career shift but have no idea on what to do.


Request a meeting and we will put you on the path towards unleashing more and more potential of yours.  

Business Meeting at a Cafe
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Facing a situation at your job or generally want a helpful opinion about something you're going through, book a session and we shall sort things through.

Our services simply work!

Check what our amazing clients have to say

Iman Saad, Pharmacist

اسمي إيمان سعيد، صيدلانية دفعة ٢٠١٧...
اتعاملت مع ميلودي مؤخرا علشان CV أجهز ال

بتاعي للدراسة برا، وبرغم إني عندي خبرة مش قليلة في كتابة السيرة الذاتية إلا إني فضلت يكون معايا حد محترف، لأن النظرة الاحترافية بتفرق كتير في العائد اللي مستنيه من  سيرتك الذاتية. 
إزاي تسوق لنفسك؟ 
ده سؤال مهم ومحتاج منك مجهود علشان تبرز نفسك بالصورة المطلوبة، ميلودي بتساعدك إنك توجه مجهودك صح وتطلع فعلا بالفايدة اللي أنت محتاجها، وبناء على تجربتي البسيطة والغنية في الوقت نفسه أنا أنصح بشدة ب


Salma Selim, Interiour Designer

انت ساعدتينى جدا بعد سنين الخبرة اللى مريت بيها انى اعرف اجمع بين الخبرة العملية و المهارات الشخصية فى ال cv بشكل واضح و مختصر و professional جدا، و ده كان أمر صعب بالنسبالى توضيحه بسبب تنوع و تشعب الخبرات اللى اتعرضتلها.
بشكرك على تعبك و اهتمامك بفهم كل تفاصيل المهنة لإخراج أفضل نتيجة.

Nermine Samuel, MBA Holder

A pharmacist with MBA 
Dr.Melody has prepared my CV according to Version 2019
 I got 4 interviews in One month and half 
Actually She was always beside me and support me in every single step , Her encouragement is not only by preparing my CV but also in every interview before it and after.
She is more than perfect consultant and Professional advisor. 
Every time I have felt disappointed, she was a strong positive energy contributor.
I really want to thank you for all you have done with me and the way you support me.

AbdelRahman Selim, Pharmacist 

I really learned from you what I have to mention in my cv and what I have not.

I’ve learned how to show myself, my experience & trainings, in a way that increase my score as a candidate, attract the interviewer’s attention and make a good cv.

I’ve learned how to perform in any interview without any stress.

I can predict the questions that I will be asked and prepare the appropriate answers, which make me performing so much better.

I’ve learned how to handle any surprising or unprepared question and find a way to answer it easily and smoothly.

And I could never do that without someone smart, helpful and flexible like you.

Finally, I just want to thank you for what you did for me🙏
You are such a great person!

Shaimaa, HR Manager

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Still not convinced?

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Give me a call, email, message or contact through social media (Facebook or Instagram)

& I "Melody Abdou" will reply in person.

Just tell me what you need, and we will figure it out TOGETHER.


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