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Number 1 reason, candidates fail at their job search

Despite the valuable professional accomplishments, strong communication skills, overnight preparations, and the confidence that you have got what it takes to be in a certain position.

Failure to successfully compete for jobs seems to be getting in your way! Am I right?

This post is dedicated to whoever found themselves unable to speak their accomplishments, achievements, or even their inner potential. regardless of their career level.

Let me tell you what's happening:

Simply, YOU are selling yourself short.

The ability to sell and market yourself needs to be improved.

To be more specific, you don’t clearly understand what your value is – which means you can’t pitch yourself with impact.



How To Sell Yourself.

The key to fixing this issue lays in reducing or eliminating what I call the Success Gap.

Let me explain.

Your Success Gap is the difference between your actual commercial value and the value you’re able to articulate, define, communicate when you’re pitching yourself to potential employers.

The Success Gap is one of the main reasons why you — and other perfectly qualified candidates – get overlooked, while less-than-stellar people make it into the job.


How To Eliminate Your Success Gap.

Eliminating your success gap is a matter of knowing how to create a value proposition that connects "what you can add to companies when joining their teams" "how would you realize their objectives and generate them money or satisfy their needs"

An effective value proposition should:

  1. Position you as a clear answer to a specific set of commercial challenges.

  2. Establish your unique point of difference.

  3. Weave a clear narrative through your career history, positioning each career move as strategically relevant to your intended direction.

This value proposition then needs to be intentionally demonstrated in everything related to your brand as an employee in 2020

especially, your:

  • Resume.

  • LinkedIn profile.

  • Business headshot. (CV Photo, LinkedIn profile photo, email photo. etc)

  • Interview answers.

Learn how to composition your value proposition by clicking here.

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